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Every month, we’ll add session credits to your account so they’re ready for you to use.

6 Session Membership

$210 billed monthly

6 session credits

every 30 days

Extra sessions credits

$35 each

12 Session Membership

$360 billed monthly

12 session credits

every 30 days

Extra session credits

$30 each

Benefits of Membership

A Sanctuary Membership opens up abundant opportunities for self-care and well-being, from soaking in a sauna to a discount on products that you know and love from our studios.

  • Unlimited Add-On Sessions: 
    • If members use all of their monthly credits, or want to buy a gift, their per session price is locked in at the reduced rate.
  • Reduced Cancellation Policy: 
    • Instead of our regular 24 hour cancellation policy, members can reschedule, or cancel, within 12 hours without losing credits.
  • Repeat Booking Concierge: 
    • Do you take sessions at the same time everyday or the same day every week? Our members gain access to an exclusive concierge that books their sessions for them.
  • 20% Off Sangre de Fruta Products: 
    • Member receive a one-time 20% discount on exceptional and organic Sangre de Fruta products.
  • One Free Day Pass at Sacred Rain Healing Center: 
    • Members receive a FREE Day Pass to access Sacred Rain Healing Center's sundeck, spa pool, sauna, locker room and showers. No appointments required.

Stay tuned for more benefits coming soon.

A La Cart Pricing

Welcome Package*

50% off two sessions

2 Session Credits


*One per guest, not available for gifting.

Individual Session Credits

1 Session Credit


One session credit covers one guest

Session credits purchased on or after May 4, 2022 have a 30 day expiration. Read the full terms and conditions.