Breathwork is an experiential journey of healing, insight, reconnection, and renewal—a profound vehicle for accessing what lies beyond the clutter of daily life and mind. Join experienced guide Tai Hubbert for this intimate breathwork ceremony at Sanctuary. Expect to be skillfully led through a journey of conscious, connected breathing to access profound insights and understanding.

Using a simple technique that emphasizes an active inhale and passive exhale, breathwork releases accumulated tension, letting the mind yield to deeper vision. In essence, it opens the door to that which lies beyond the shores of conceptual understanding— to the root of patterns held in the body and somatic memory. It is an invitation to come home to the very core of your being.

This workshop will be supported by a rich, dynamic soundscape and immersive space backdrop. It is limited to 6 participants.

$140 Investment

This workshop is sold out. 

Woozy is an accessible dance practice crafted to ignite union and flow. In this workshop, you’ll access healing and pleasure as the mind•body•spirit system is showered with poetic cues, guided Matt Drews.

Woozy harnesses somatic techniques to honor each person's unique sensations, histories, and movement qualities. The lens of Woozy allows one to unwind bound, stuck, or self-conscious embodiment and perceive oneself as a conduit for many textures, images, states, and rhythms. It aims for the liminal: a dreamy seam of trance that excavates our boundaries between physical, emotional, cerebral, and energetic.

This special extended session will culminate in a reiki rinse, where each participant receives focused, hands-on healing by Matt. This lush, moving-meditation will be cuddled by textured sounds from Succubass and immersive projections from Sanctuary.

Eject from the norm, ride a lucid groove, and fade into wholeness.

$100 Investment | Limited to 8 Participants